RC Shark Remote Control Animal Flying Shark Clown Fish Inflatable Realistic Movement Air Swimmer Nylon 1 pcs Unisex Toy Gift / CE Certified

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World's most awesome balloon / blimp / fish-craft! Air Swimmers are amazing fish that literally swim through the air. You have complete up, down, and 360-degree control via a simple infra-red remote. Kids and adults will have a blast roaming their homes, offices, and parties with the smooth-flying and lifelike Air Swimmers.

Category RC Shark, Flying Shark, Remote Control Animal
Theme Clown Fish
Features Air Swimmer, Realistic Movement, Inflatable
Material Nylon
Quantity (pcs) 1
Gender Unisex
Net Dimensions (cm) 150*87
Net Weight (kg) 0.427
Shipping Weight (kg) 0.326667
Package Dimensions (cm) 30.2333*20.3333*6.33333
Remote Controller Battery 3×AAA
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Popular Country Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United States
Certification CE Certified
Remote control type (g) Infrared remote control
Listing Date 07/29/2015